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"Remind yourself that it's okay not to be perfect."


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Not having to be perfect is something that I have to remind myself of quite often. I want to always appear just like the above picture. I want to have it all together. I want everything to fall into place. But life doesn't work that way! Ty's accident has forced me to be more patient, more understanding, and MUCH more laid back. 
With that being said, I was able to get a good laugh at the following photos. As Ty continues to recover, we are forcing him back into real life, and I think that it has been a HUGE part of his amazing progress.  Since we are together practically 24/7 now, I decided to assign him the task of being my new photographer. The photos from day 1 of Ty's photog career are...interesting (LOL). My head was cut off in most of the pictures. When my head did make it into the picture, my hair was either blowing straight back or straight up into the air. Now, that part wasn't totally Ty's fault. The wind was out of control!!! When it would stop, it was only for a split second, so he wasn't always prepared to snap a shot. I thought that leaving Galveston would get me out of the wind, but Lake Charles had a surprise waiting for me. It has been windy here almost EVERY SINGLE DAY! I can't escape it. If you want (or need) a good laugh, check out the photos that we did get from that photo shoot, posted below. Nonexistent head, watery eyes, wind blown hair and ALL!


No head, but least I can say that he featured the outfit in the photo!


Eyes watering, mascara running, hair out of control!  

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When Ty and I looked at the photos, we laughed. Then, his sweetheart side came out. He felt bad...I guess he thought that it was his fault that the pictures didn't work out (even though it was mostly due to the hurricane strength winds). He kept saying, "I'm sorry. I feel so sorry for you. I'm sorry that the pictures aren't good." My heart melted, just like it does every single time that he decides to release his sweet side. He's such a doll. 

The pictures may not have turned out the way that I planned, but at the end of the day, it was just one more thing that I got to experience with Ty, which made my heart so happy. We had fun, and I can certainly give him an A for effort!  We definitely learned from it--the pictures in the light blue and white striped shirt (in this blog post and posted on social media) are from day 2 of Ty's photography career, and those came out SOOOOO MUCH better! I found a better place to take the pics where the wind was blocked. Ty took the time to make sure that my head was in [a majority of] the pictures. He also did a fantastic job of aligning them much straighter than before. Just one week and a few suggestions later, we got some great shots! I was amazed by his improved skills. I can promise that there will be more pictures to come from Ty's portfolio! 




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