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My all-time favorite destination thus far is Key West. It was simply magnificent. I've never seen such crystal blue water (not even in the Bahamas). I'm a jet ski FANATIC! As paranoid as I am about certain things, I'm a bit of a daredevil when it comes to the skis. Riding jet skis in the waters surrounding the Keys was absolutely amazing because the ride started in the Gulf of Mexico and finished in the Atlantic. Why is this relevant, you ask? Well, the Gulf was fun, but the Atlantic was AWESOME! The waves were bigger, so the jumps were higher. In "Taylor terms," that translates to a whole new lever of pure excitement.

After finishing the jet ski ride, we toured the town. Overall, it was cute, quiet, and quaint. The shops were brightly colored, like you'd expect in a beach town. It was picture-perfect. The food was delicious...I mean can you say "FRESH seafood" (and tequila)? There's not much that beats that.

Traveling opens up your eyes to the world. It can change your perspective. It's a chance to see the beauty that God has created, along with the friendly people that call the destination "home". You learn about different cultures and lifestyles first-hand. It's something that you can't experience or fully understand until you actually catch the view with your own eyes and hear the sounds that define the destination with your own ears. Unforgettable moments can't be discovered in a school or by behind a desk at work. Ty's journey has taught me that you truly never know what can happen, and your entire life can change in the blink of an eye.  You have to get out there and live life to the fullest with the people that are closest to you.
I'm here to prepare you for your upcoming travels! Beachwear is making a major statement this year, and I want to share the latest and greatest accessories with you.



Sage is a trending color, so it's only right to feature this tote. The orchid detail adds just the right amount of color. I'm infatuated with the rope handles on it. They give the bag a true beach feel. I'm incapable of traveling lightly, so I need a bag big enough to fit all of my necessities (aka the things that I MIGHT need, but probably won't), and this one fits those requirements. This bag would look it's best paired with a solid colored coverup and/or swimsuit. If you love this bag as much as I do, click here.

So there was a time when I wanted to attend optometry school...actually a very long period of my life. Obviously, that's gone out of the window. But eyes still interest me and I fully understand the importance of taking care of them. I mean think about it...you only get one set of those bad boys! That's what led to the inclusion of these shades on the list of travel accessories. I adore this frame style. It's such a modern and fresh take on the classic aviator sunnies. And how can you ignore the rose gold mirrored lenses? Both are so chic and stylish. As pictured above, these come in three different frame colors. Don't wait to grab your pair though! We have a few of the rose gold, only 2 pairs left in the black and only 1 pair left in the silver. Click here to snag a pair. 


When you travel, the nighttime is as exciting and important to your experience as the day time. This necklace will dress up your outfits with little to no effort. The adoring blush color will make this versatile. You'll be able to wear this [basically] neutral colored necklace with nearly all of your outfits. Pieces like this are great for traveling because it helps you to keep your bags lighter, and you have less to remember to pack when it's time to head back home. Since you NEED this necklace in your life, click here.


Traveling alone is so not fun, so we wanted to include something for the special man in your life. You can't let him lag behind. If he's traveling in style, he'll make you look good! Here's a bag that's sure to make him (you) smile because the sophisticated look of the leather will have him looking like a million bucks. This is large enough to pack all of his belongings for a wonderful weekend getaway. He may even be able to fit a gift for you inside too...wishful thinking?? You never know! If you want to gift your guy, click here

Now, it's time to choose a destination, pack your bags, and jet set across the world! 

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