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Taking care of Ty for all of these months has forced me realize just how out of shape I am. I have such little's seriously embarrassing! Now that things have settled down a little bit, I really need to get back to working out.  It's time to build up some muscle and get toned (especially since summer is creeping up on us).
I have no more excuses.  There's a nice gym at the condo that we're living in, and I also have the option to get my booty up, while Ty's in therapy, to walk a few blocks.  There are some beautiful houses to see in Galveston, and we recently discovered these statues in the area. They're made out of reclaimed wood from trees that were destroyed during Hurricane Ike. 
Sooo...since I'm going to start trying to work out, I wanted to show off some of my workout attire.
Anyone who knows me semi-well, knows that I can be found wearing black-on-black outfits quite often. It stems from a spring break trip to NYC with two of my best friends. We went in April, but it was still really cold there. Just about everyone native to the city wore all black.  No color, not even grey. At first, I thought everyone was just scary and lacked personality, but by the end of the trip, I fell in love with the monochromatic trend. I grew to see it as chic and sophisticated, so ever since then, it's become a "thing" for me.  The problem is that it's not always the easiest thing to style because there's more than one shade of black (believe it or not). If the shades of two different items don't match exactly, then it can sometimes look kind of funny and can lose its statement-making powers. Here's some good news though! That won't happen with this outfit because the two black pieces are made of different materials and have different textures and finishes. The leggings feature a high shine, while the shirt is a polyester blend with a matte finish (like that of a typical tee).  Because the finishes on the colors differ, it's much less noticeable if the colors are not exact, in comparison to an outfit, for example, with a faded black cotton legging and a black cotton top. If you're into the all-black trend like I am, you can get these two pieces here:


Since we're springing into the next season pretty soon, I wanted to show you an option with a little more color.  These leggings are high waisted and actually have a sea coral print on them.  Since the pattern is so busy, I wanted to keep the top simple and neutral, so I chose to pair it with this grey crop pullover. Both are linked below, just for YOU!


There's no tears in the gym! Keep that mascara in place. It shouldn't really be a problem since you'll be all smiles in these phenomenal OMBRE LEGGINGS! 


Let your inner edgy-girl emerge in these oh so soft camo leggings.  Get up and get going, even on the days when you feel like you "literally can't even"! You'll feel much better after all of those endorphins are released during your workout routine. If you NEED to add this outfit to your workout wardrobe, click the links below!


I hope that you're ready to get going in your new workout gear. What are your favorite ways to workout? Comment below! 




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