Our Story

As a graduate from LSU, with a degree in biological sciences and a minor in business administration, most people thought that I had it together. I had my whole life ahead of me, thinking that I'd do something in the medical field. I seemed determined, organized, and on a path to success. At times, I believed that my plans would turn out exactly the way that I had always foreseen, but more often than not, I was a confused person just spinning in circles while trying to board the hot-mess express, hoping that it would eventually get me to my destination. That dysfunction wasn't working for me. I typically function best with some sort of structure and what I call a "part-time routine." (I do get bored and uninterested in total monotony, so I like to leave a little room for some creativity and flexibility.) Overall, I am organized, focused, and goal-oriented, but I kept hitting dead-end roads while I was trying to figure out my life....."everything happens for a reason," right?

After my plans for furthering my education came to an end early in 2017 (and really not being all that upset about it), I just continued to aimlessly wander through life, trying to find a starting point for my future career, but I was getting nowhere.

Although I was lost and had veered far off of any potential career path, my personal life and relationship were in a great place, until June of 2017.

At the age of 23, my entire life shifted in a matter of a second. On the evening of June 9, 2017, I received a phone call from my boyfriend's sister telling me that he had been in a boating accident and was being airlifted to the nearest hospital. Long-story-short, he suffered a severe traumatic brain injury and was given a 0.5% chance of surviving. Hearing the doctor say those words hurt more than I could ever describe, so much so that my body went numb. The following days were dire, and my memory of that time remains spotty. I do remember being told (multiple times) that we were going to lose him, but he fought through it. When he surpassed all odds and started to come out of his coma and was able to be removed from life-support, I made the decision to quit hopping from dead-end job to dead-end job because I wanted to be by his side through every moment of his marathon to recovery.

Yes Ty, my boyfriend, survived, but we lost the "Ty" that we once knew. There is hope, but his journey to recovery is going to be a long and rigorous one.

As if one part of my life being dysfunctional wasn't enough, now my entire life felt as though it was headed in a downward spiral. Emotion took over. I was living in a very thick fog. Making decisions felt impossible and all focus was gone. How could I focus on anything else when all I wanted was to keep begging and pleading with God to heal the man that I loved and to make him better?

I had all of these random pieces to a puzzle that I couldn't seem to fit together. I was clueless, had no direction, and was failing at every aspect of life that I had once been good at. I was losing my confidence, but no one really knew it because I was doing my best to hide it. It was deteriorating me from the inside out. The only positive thing in my life was the love and support of my family and friends and my boyfriend's family and friends.

I had actually gone on a few job interviews during the first few months of my Ty's recovery, but I wasn't getting anywhere. Nothing interested me. I felt no passion behind any of the jobs that I was applying for and competing to get. Something just didn't feel right.

As Ty made progress in his recovery, I was able to think a bit more clearly--at least enough to figure out some sort of path for my life.

After so much thought, consideration, and determination to define my future, I decided to turn a passion of mine into a career opportunity. I realized that the job that I wanted wasn't out there. I couldn't find it because it didn't exist. I wanted to be able to work and still be with Ty, and that's not feasible with an 8-5 job.  I had to create my own destiny and pave my own path to happiness, so meet Sebree Boutique ("Sebree" being Ty's middle name). When the idea came to me, I immediately started brainstorming, doing research, and went on a hunt to find quality items to share with you.

We've all heard that when you look good, you feel good. Retail therapy is a real thing! Take it from someone who greatly benefits from it. It can make anyone feel better. It's made me feel better through even the darkest times in my life, and gives me a sense of normalcy when everything around me is crumbling. My life has been a literal rollercoaster, but this journey isn't over yet! I don't know what the future holds, but I DO know that I want this boutique to be a part of it.

With Ty being a main focus and inspiration for this boutique, I decided to include him in every aspect of the boutique, whether obvious or subtle. Shades of blue are Ty's favorite, and navy apparel is empowering and sophisticated. When paired with white, the look and feel of navy + white is sleek and stylish. After choosing the color scheme, the idea for the logo sprouted. The goal was to create something simple, yet elegant. If you follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram, you'll notice the use of metallics too. Metallics are chic and will never go out of style. My intention is to have Sebree Boutique signify and convey all of these elements. This boutique is now my life, and I want it to be a part of yours too. The details matter to me because I want everything to be perfect for you. You make this boutique what it is. It's all about you!

My hope is that this boutique will grow, prosper, and evolve with you, as Ty does in his recovery each and every day. I want this to be a place that women can come to if they need something as simple as a statement piece, or something a little more, like a momentary escape from life. We're the retail therapy that you've been searching for. I want you to be able to come here for any occasion. Whether you're celebrating or just need a little pick-me-up, we've got you covered! I wanted this for you because I wanted you to find classic sophistication with the added bonus of trendiness. My mission is to help you to build your confidence so that you can hold your head high as you strut down the street. I want you to own it! Sebree Boutique is where you can find pieces that bring out your inner "you." Express yourself. Show the world who you truly are! When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good. Take on the world. Be the person that you've always aspired to be. Now is the time, and Sebree Boutique is YOUR place.

Owner, Sebree Boutique